The Summit is pleased to announce the program for the Youth Symposium to he held on Monday 2 November 2020 at Crown.
Join us for just the Symposium or for the full conference.

The Symposium will include presentations from 6 Indigenous Youth Speakers who will address the audience on Indigenous Tourism. This will include how tourism businesses can engage young people better, how tourism can assist in protecting and preserving cultural knowledge and sites; how tourism can play a role in protecting the environment, including for climate change; or perhaps you want to share your story/experience in a tourism business, the impacts on you and your aspirations/dreams for work in the industry going forward.

Presentations will be followed by an address by a number of Elders on the WITS theme and the hopes and aspirations for the role of young people  will play in Indigenous tourism going forward. The impact of climate change and guidance to young people for action – how Indigenous communities are adapting around the world with a indepth Q&E with Elders.

The afternoon will consist of practical workshops.

Master of Ceremonies